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Support & Protect your Immune System during the pandemic with our dark purple berry potion, packed with high levels of Vitamins C & A and powerful Antiviral and Antioxidants that come naturally from Elderberries.

Elderberry is a preventative medicine that helps you stay healthy so that you won't get sick.

When you take Elderberry daily, you Build & BOOST your Immune System to fight bacterial and viral infections.

Studies have shown that Elderberry can reduce viral illnesses and bind and block H1N1 viruses from infecting healthy cells.

Taking Elderberry daily can decrease any sickness by up to 4 days if taken within the first 48 hours of any symptoms.

Elderberry syrup is a natural remedy for coughs, colds, and the flu!
Elderberry can help with sinus, allergies, nerve pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, constipation, and even cancer.
Elderberry can help manage diabetes, improve heart health, mental health, support skin health, and act as a natural diuretic.

Boiled w/Organic European Elderberries, Cinnamon Quills, Ginger & Honey Mix
Finished w/Grapefruit, Lemon, Organic Blue Agave

Why Choose Us?
Choose Quality Over Quantity!

A vast majority of Sea Moss sellers online are selling products with Synthetic Sea Moss and Poor Quality Ingredients because they are cheaper to produce and a lot easier to sell. When you choose to spend money with us, you ultimately select TOP QUALITY over our competitors. We strive to offer only the highest quality products to help improve your life and health. But most importantly, we guarantee you 100% Product Quality Satisfaction along with the Highest Level of Customer Service.